Since our farm is such a magical place already ... we have all the fairy tale characters and stories from the Enchanted Forest to be found throughout our farm and Enchanted Forest Pine Tree Maze, it must have seemed like the perfect forest for the fairies to make their homes.

Walk through our new Fairy Forest and see where the fairies live. We encourage you to wear your wings or fairy dresses. We have a fairy storybook circle and a box full of books available to you throughout the day. So you can sit in our storybook circle and read any of our books you want to. Look for all the houses hidden in our forest. Can you find the fairies, the butterflies, the flowers? ... everything that is special hiding in the Forest.

Fairy House Contest

We will have a Fairy House Contest on Saturday July 15, 2023 with judging starting at 11 AM. Rules for entry are here, You can start making your houses NOW!!

Bring your house to the farm on or before 10 AM on July 15 to enter one of the 8 categories: There are 2 categories of house projects and 4 different age groups for each house project:

#1 The "All-Natural Materials" Fairy House
#2 The "Recycled" Fairy House

Age 5 and under, Age 6-10 years, Age 11-15 years, Age 16 and above.

We have had two Fairy House contests. One in 2020 and the second in 2022. Here are some of the winners:

In 2020, for "All Natural Materials" houses, Molly Beaver won first prize in the Age 5 and under category:

Molly Beaver

and Gabrielle Vallott won first prize in the Age 11-15 group:

Gabrielle Vallott

Lisa Everett took home to first prize win in the Adult category:

Lisa Everett

In 2020, Zooey Carver was our first prize winner in the Age 5 and under category for the “Recycled” Fairy House. In 2022, Zooey won again for her "All Natural Materials" House in the Age 6-10 group. Her sister joined her in entering a House in 2022 and won "All Natural Materials" House in the Age 5 and under group.

Zooey Carver

Zooey Carver and her sister

Also, in 2022 Naomi Casanova won a Blue ribbon for her "All Natural Materials" Fairy House in the Age 6-10 group.

Naomi Casanova

For the “Recycled” Fairy House category we had a winner in the Age 5 and under group - Ruby Padgett - and in the Age 16 and above category - Monique Falconer.

Ruby Padgett

Monica Falconer