10500 Clarksville Pike (State Route 108) 

Ellicott City * Maryland * 21042

410-730-4049     *     clarkselioakfarm@hotmail.com


Open March 26 to November 6

Tuesday-Friday 10 AM to 5 PM   (last admission at 4 PM)

Saturday-Sunday 10 AM to 5:30 PM  (last admission at 4 PM)


We are also open on Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Labor Day and all Mondays in October

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Enchanted Forest Items for Sale

Our newest book:  "The Enchanted Forest:  Memories of Maryland's Storybook Park" by Janet Kusterer & Martha Anne Clark  (published August 2013)

The history of the Enchanted Forest is one of magical beginnings. When it first opened in 1955, Ellicott City’s storybook land became the first children’s theme park on the East Coast. Young visitors could climb aboard rides like the Little Toot tugboat, Mother Goose and Ali Baba or encounter animals like peacocks and burros. Upon its closing in 1989, Marylanders who cherished memories of the Enchanted Forest were deeply disappointed. However, many of the park’s beloved figures were moved to nearby Clark’s Elioak Farm, where they were restored and displayed to the delight of new generations. Even today, the farm is a popular destination that evokes the whimsical spirit of the iconic park. Local author Janet Kusterer and Martha Clark of Elioak Farm trace the park’s history through vintage images and interviews with the Harrison family, former employees and visitors. Join Kusterer and Clark to rediscover the magic of the Enchanted Forest.

           $19.99 for the Book (signed by both authors) (Add $1.20 tax for purchases WITHIN Maryland) plus S&H


The Enchanted Forest DVD "The Original Enchanted Forest---storybook land of Fairy Tales come true!" with the Bonus Feature of "Clark's Elioak Farm Remembers The Enchanted Forest"

 Taken in May 1987, this DVD takes you on a 60 minute walking tour of each building and ride.  There is a short introduction about the history of the Enchanted Forest.  Keep in mind that the footage was taken on a home video camera and transferred to DVD, so at times the footage is a little distorted.  The DVD was remastered in 2009 at which time additional footage was added from Clark's Elioak Farm.  This Bonus Feature includes a 25 minute walking tour of the petting farm and a view of many of the Enchanted Forest attractions that have been moved to Clark's Elioak Farm and restored to their former glory. Take a walk down memory lane, enjoying all of the wonderful features from the Enchanted Forest that you remember from your trips to the park, and then end up at our farm.  What could be better!!   

$25.00 for the DVD  (Add  $1.50 tax for purchases WITHIN Maryland) plus S&H


 "The Wonderful Enchanted Forest" Story Book  

The Enchanted Forest Story Book has been reproduced from the original and is now once again available for sale. It begins, “Mother Goose was unhappy!  All the friendly folk of Mother Goose Land lived so far apart!  Why, Little Boy Blue had his haystack way down in Farmer Brown’s field. Little Miss Muffett sat on her tuffet still farther away. As for the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe, she had moved to the city, and Mother Goose hardly ever saw all those children.  So . . . . . . . .” Relive your childhood, with this adorable children’s story book.

$8.95 for the story book (Add $.55 tax for purchases WITHIN Maryland) plus S&H


"The Wonderful Enchanted Forest" Coloring Book

 This 24-page coloring book, a reproduction of the original, features the major attractions from the park.  Another wonderful souvenir from the original Enchanted Forest reprinted for you to share with another generation of children who know and love these nursery rhymes and fairy tales.

$3.50 for the coloring book  (Add $.21 tax for purchases WITHIN Maryland) plus S&


The Enchanted Forest Maze at Clark's Elioak Farm "Maze Guide                                                                            and Activity Book"

 In 2009 we opened The Enchanted Forest Maze at Clark's Elioak Farm. This "Maze Guide and Activity Book" is an essential guide for exploring the Maze.  Each page has a question that can be only answered be answered by finding clues in the Maze.  Each page also has an activity that can be done after leaving the Maze or at home. Follow the Gingerbread Man to the Enchanted Forest Maze!

 $4.00 for the Maze Guide (Add $.24 tax for purchases WITHIN Maryland) plus S&H

 You can also purchase the children's book we have written about "Trusty the Tractor," the tractor that drives our hayride.  Our favorite goat, Eli, invites you to read this story about "Trusty the Tractor."  Trusty pulls the hayride at Clark's Elioak Farm but dreams of doing the jobs that the bigger tractors do.  One day he gets a chance to "save the day"--but is he too little to do the big tractor's job.  Read along with Eli and see what happens on the farm. 

$8.95 for the book (signed by the author)  (Add $.53 tax for purchases WITHIN Maryland) plus S&H


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