Clark's Farm hosts both a Summer Vegetable CSA and a Beef & Pork CSA.

Whoa, wait, what is a CSA?

CSA - Community Supported Agriculture - is a farm model were consumers buy into the harvest season that is head. The consumers buys a "share" of the farm season and received a variety of products throughout a season. The consumer commits before the season has started so that the farmer has start up money to plan the season, buy seeds, etc.

Summer Vegetable CSA

Consumers will received weekly produce baskets for 12 weeks during the summer. Our Summer Vegetable CSA generally lasts from mid June to the end of August.

Information about our 2018 Summer Vegetable CSA will be coming soon!

For the CSA we will only be putting items in the weekly share that we grow. Our garden is chemical free: no synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides are ever used. That means there might be pest damage on the produce, but it does not change the flavor! We promote biodiversity and healthy soils to produce healthy vegetables. Some of the vegetables we will grow for the 2018 season are lettuces, spinach, kale, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, green beans, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cantaloupe, radishes, onions, a variety of herbs, and cut flowers.

Please understand that your share will be pre-packed with whatever combination of vegetables, herbs, and flowers that are available in any given week. We will not be offering a trade table and you may not exchange any vegetables in your share for anything we have for sale at the stand when you come for your pickup. But since the pickup will be at our produce stand you will have a chance to supplement your weekly basket with produce that we buy from other farms and meats we produce on our farm as well. Other produce that may be available will be sweet corn, watermelon, berries and peaches. You will also be able to purchase extra of anything in your CSA weekly basket.

CSAs are not for everyone. You might be interested in a CSA if you like to cook, experiment with different or unusual produce, and want to truly experience eating seasonally. A CSA might not be for you if you go away a lot during the summer, if you don't cook at home very often, don't like exploring new recipes, or if you are not comfortable with the vagaries in production yield created by weather and pest-related issues.

Beef & Pork CSA?

Our Beef & Pork CSA shares are available throughout the year in 3 months increments. During each 3 month season, consumers pick up once a month on a designated day and time.

We have two CSA share sizes. A Large share is $600/ for 3 months and a Small share is $250/ 3 months.

Pick ups are at the Castle Store Farm Market once a month.

How to sign up for the Clark's Farm's Beef & Pork CSA?

Ready to sign up or have more questions? Email for more information on our next Beef & Pork CSA season

We are excited about our CSAs this year and invite you to join us in this journey!