We have several sheep that live at the petting farm from our larger flock on the farm. We have had as many as 130 sheep in our flock on the farm over the years. At present we have downsized to about 30 sheep.

Our sheep like to be fed by our visitors. They lick food from our hands with their tongues and lips.

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A female sheep is a ewe.

A baby is a lamb.

A male sheep is called a ram.

A group of sheep is called a flock or herd.

People have raised sheep for thousands of years for wool, meat, candles, and soap.

Sheep are among the safest farm animals for children to handle.

A sheep farmer is called a shepherd.

A sheep's coat is called fleece. Once a sheep is sheared it is called wool. Wool is fire -resistant and used to make rugs, blankets, and clothing.

Sheep are sheared once a year, usually in the spring.

Sheep are ruminates, like cows, which means they have stomachs with four compartments. They eat grain, grass, and hay.

Sheep have cloven hooves, which means they have two toes.

Sheep are social animals with strong flocking instincts.

Sheep are often just as happy around humans as other sheep.

Many European cheeses such as Roquefort, Romano, and Pecorino are made from sheep's milk

A popular breed in America is the Cheviot sheep which dates back to the 1300's from the Cheviot Hills between England and Scotland. The Cheviot is a white-faced sheep. Its wool is used for tweed fabric and carpet.

Texas has the most sheep in the United States.